What's Included In Legacy Evolve?


If you owned a retail copy of Evolve before Evolve: Stage 2  launched on PC, you can still play the original version of the game (which is now known as Legacy Evolve). 

So what content is available in Legacy Evolve? Well, that's what this post is here to answer. 

Here's what you have access to in Legacy Evolve:

Basic Content Breakdown

  • All characters, content and game modes released for Evolve prior to January 28, 2016.
  • All balance and mode changes released for Evolve prior to April 13, 2016.
  • Legacy players have access to all content they purchased prior to July 6, 2016.
    • Base game content.
    • Pre-order, Digital Deluxe, PC Monster Race content (depending on prior purchase).
    • Hunting Season 1, Hunting Season 2 content (depending on prior purchase).
    • Individual DLC content (depending on prior purchase).
    • Weekly Challenge/Reward weekend content (depending on prior participation).
    • Evolve: Hunter’s Quest content unlocks (depending on prior participation).
  • Player and character progression and related progression content unlocks prior to July 6, 2016 are still available.
  • Content purchase of individual DLC items, Hunting Seasons and game editions is no longer available.

Game Content

  • Online/Solo Game Modes:
    • Quickplay
      • Hunt, Arena and Defend
    • Ranked Play (Online Only)
      • Hunt
    • Evacuation
      • Hunt, Nest, Rescue, and Defend
    • Custom Game
      • Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Defend, Arena, and Evacuation
    • Tutorials
      • Monster: Goliath
      • Hunter: Markov
  • Maps:
    • 14 Standard Maps:
      • Armory, Aviary, Barracks, Dam, Distillery, Fusion Plant, Medlab, Orbital Drill, Refueling Tower, Rendering Plant, Weather Control, Wraith Trap, Broken Hill Foundry, and Broken Hill Mine
    • 4 Defend Mode Maps:
      • New Calico, King’s Fort, Salveron Industries, and Colonial Water & Power
    • 1 Arena Mode Map:
      • Murder Pits
  • Monsters:
    • Goliath, Meteor Goliath, Kraken, Elder Kraken, Wraith, and Behemoth (Pre-Order Only)
  • Hunters:
    • Assault:
      • Markov, Blitz Markov, Hyde, and Parnell
    • Trapper:
      • Maggie and Daisy, Wasteland Maggie, Griffin, and Abe
    • Medic:
      • Val, Rogue Val, Lazarus, and Caira
    • Support
      • Hank, Tech Sgt. Hank, Bucket, and Cabot
  • Skin Content: 
    • Goliath Savage Skin (Pre-Order Only)
    • DLC Skin Items/Bundles (available with prior Purchase Only)

Digital Deluxe Edition / Hunting Season 1

  • Hunters:
    • Torvald (Assault), Crow (Trapper), Slim (Medic), and Sunny (Support)
  • Skin Content:
    • 3 Magma Monster skins (Goliath, Kraken and Wraith)
    • 4 Artic Hunter skins (Torvald, Crow, Slim and Sunny)

Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition

  • All Base Game Content above.
  • All Hunting Season 1 content above.
  • Hunting Season 2:
    • Monsters:
      • Gorgon
    • Hunters:
      • Lennox (Assault), Jack (Trapper), Emet (Medic), and Kala (Support)
    • Skin Content:
      • 4 Victory Hunter skins (Lennox, Jack, Emet, Kala)

Evolve PC Monster Race Edition

  • All Base Game Content above.
  • All Hunting Season 1 content above.
  • All Hunting Season 2 content above.
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