Gold Keys FAQ


With the launch of Gold Keys in Evolve: Stage 2, we know you may have some questions about this premium currency and how it works. 

Thankfully, the kind folks over at Turtle Rock Studios have put together some answers to any likely questions you might have. Check them out below:

How do I buy Gold keys?

  • If you are in the United States, you are able to buy Gold Key bundles via the in-game store using Steam Wallet starting on September 27. Once we know everything’s going great, we’ll expand Gold Keys to other territories. 

What can I buy with Gold Keys?

  • Hunters, Monsters, Monster Skins, Hunter Skins, and Weapon skins.

Is there anything that I cannot buy with Gold Keys that I can unlock with Silver Keys?

  • Badges and Perks, along with select Monster skins, Hunter skins, and Weapons skins.

Do I need to buy Gold Keys to unlock items in Evolve: Stage 2?

  • Not at all! Everything that can be purchased with Gold Keys can be unlocked using Silver Keys that you earn just by playing.

Are Gold Keys "pay to win?"

  • Not a bit! You cannot buy any items that give you a gameplay advantage with Gold Keys, which is why Perks cannot be purchased using them.

Are Gold Keys replacing Silver Keys?

  • No. Silver Keys will be earned via gameplay as before.

Are there any items that can only be bought with Gold Keys?

  • No. All items that are available for Gold Keys will also be available for Silver Keys.

Can I trade Gold Keys with other players?

  • No, we do not support trading.

Can I buy Gold Keys with Silver Keys?

  • No, Gold Keys can only be purchased using Steam Wallet.

Why are Gold Keys only available in the US?

  • Just like with everything else related to Stage 2, Gold Keys are a first for us and our publisher. We therefore need to make sure we can be as responsive with any issues related to Gold Keys as we have been on the rest of Stage 2. By releasing just in the United States, we can make sure that we’re not "drinking from a firehose" but at the same time, we’ll be able to prove that Stage 2 is a good business.

Will Gold Keys eventually become available in other territories?

  • Yes. Once 2K is assured that everything is handled, we’ll roll out Gold Keys into other territories.


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