Hacking in Evolve Stage 2 and Our Zero Tolerance Policy  


We all know that hacking has been a real issue and one that is providing a bad experience for some players. We are very aware of the hackers and are working diligently to address them. Hacking/cheating is unsportsmanlike and unwelcome in our community and by doing so you are violating our end user license agreement (EULA).

We have been monitoring and actively banning accounts of people we are confident are hacking, and we will continue to do so. If a player is confirmed to be hacking, they will be banned.



If you hack your game client (yep, even once) and we detect it, you are going to get banned. This is a zero tolerance policy. Even if you tampered with your Evolve client before Stage 2 came out and you play Stage 2 now and we catch you, you are banned from the game.

 This policy may sound harsh, but hacking/cheating ruins games and we won’t stand for it. Some people have complained that they’ve been unfairly banned. However, we have implemented tools that report objective information accurately. We’re also constantly reviewing and validating our tools and processes to verify they are accurate and fair. If you or anyone having access to your account or game client used any sort of training programs, mods, scripts, cheats, or hacks at any time (doesn’t matter if you did it in solo and not multiplayer) and our tools detect product tampering, you will get banned.


When you tamper with the game client, you are breaking the rules. When you break the rules, you are not allowed to play. It’s as simple as that.

People who hack, mod, or otherwise tamper with a game to get an unfair advantage aren’t contributing to this community and we don’t want them here. We are constantly working our butts off to ensure that Evolve is a balanced experience so everyone can enjoy their time on Shear. We won’t let cheaters ruin that experience.

Reporting cheaters is an important way for us to identify and crack down on hacking. Even if your report isn't enough, your report along with a second report can provide the missing information we need to ban someone, or at least put them on our watch list.

We do not share our steps in detail because then hackers could start thinking about how to get around hacking detection, prevention, and bans.

Similarly, reporting is done privately and we will not publish player information. Why?

  • People are innocent until proven guilty.
  • We don't want to start a witch hunt, and we've already had at least one instance of a hacker trying to frame someone else.
  • Sometimes the reports have information on how a hacker is hacking, and again, we'd like to limit that information as much as possible.

Trying to make the game more secure is an ongoing process, but we're going to do as much as we can to try and stay on top.

For information on how to report a hacker, see this thread.



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