Hello, Superstars! 

Now that WWE 2K17 has launched, we know you probably have some questions. The purpose of this post is to answer the most common questions we're seeing about the game. 

We will update this article as appropriate. 


How do I "recharge" my Stamina?

  • Your Stamina automatically regenerates when you are not making offensive or defensive actions. Your Stamina level is represented by bars of various colors; recharging your Stamina will only bring your current bar to its maximum level. You cannot recharge Stamina up to another level. 

What’s "MyCAREER"? 

  • MyCAREER is a mode where you create your own custom superstar and go through a full WWE career. While we don’t have any tutorials for basic moves in MyCAREER, gameplay-wise matches act just like they do in other game modes. This mode is only available on next-gen consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

Where is all my DLC?

  • Not all DLC and Season Pass content is available at launch. We will announce this content as it becomes available. 

What is MyCAREER Invasion?

  • Your custom Superstar will show up in your friend’s careers. Up to five Superstars created by your friends will be automatically imported to potentially be a part of your MyCAREER (limit one per friend).

How do I pin an opponent so he isn’t always kicking out?

  • To pin an opponent to ensure he doesn’t kick out, you must first knock your opponent’s health bar down as far as possible into the red.  Pins are especially effective after you perform your signature and finishing maneuvers.

What is a Rope Break?

  • If any part of the wrestler being pinned is under, or touching, the ropes around the ring (or has otherwise broken the plane of ropes) all grappling contact must be broken. This seems to most often occur when a wrestler is being pinned down, automatically forcing the pin to be called off.

What are the different ways I can win a match?

  • Pinfall, Countout, Submission or you can be disqualified for doing things like hitting your opponent with a steel chair.

I'm having  trouble getting the timing of reversals down. Any suggestions on how I can have an easier time with this?

  • Try lowering the difficulty level. Go to Options > Gameplay > Difficulty and adjust to your taste

Is there a tutorial mode that I’m missing?

How do I change my Superstar’s name in MyCAREER?

  • On both XB1 and PS4, click on the box that says "Superstar" from the main menu. Then, select "Edit Custom Superstar." Once you've selected the Superstar you'd like to edit, choose "Name Information."

What do the different letters in the bar with your energy/stamina mean?

  • When your momentum meter completely fills you are awarded a Signature (S icon). If you successfully perform your Signature, you will be awarded a Finisher (F).


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