When Can I Play Civilization VI?


We’re happy to announce that pre-load is now live for Civilization VI on Steam. If you pre-ordered the game, simply head into your Library and click on Civilization VI, then click the Pre-Load button to begin downloading the game. 

We have also confirmed all region unlock times for Civilization VI. Click the image above for a high-res version of the release schedule map, or check out the links below to see the local time as it corresponds to several example cities and countries within the region.

Remember: All pre-orders and pre-purchases of Civilization VI, the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition, or the Civilization VI 25th Anniversary Edition will receive early access* to the Aztec Civilization Pack, which includes the following items.

  • Leader: Montezuma
  • Unique Unit: Eagle Warrior
  • Unique Building: Tlachtli
  • Wonder: Huey Teocalli

NOTE: The Aztec Civilization Pack is an exclusive pre-order item for 90 days, after which all the content will be made available to all owners of the game for no additional charge. 

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