[PS4] Corrupted Save Data


Hey there, Superstars!

The team is aware of (and working on) an issue with the PS4 version of WWE 2K17. Right now, if you are in the game's title screen and the console enters Standby Mode or Rest Mode (either automatically or manually) there's a chance your save data will be corrupted and your progress will be lost. 

The good news is that we have a workaround: Disabling your PS4's save auto upload feature. If you've never done this before, please follow these instructions.

  1. To use this feature, you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber.
  2. Before using this feature, you'll need to activate the system as your primary PS4.
  3. In the PS4's XMB (XrossMediaBar), select "Settings."
  4. Choose "Power Saving Settings."
  5. Next, select "Set Features Available in Rest Mode."
  6. Go to the checkbox for "Enable Automatic Uploads" and make sure it's cleared.
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