NBA 2K Player Fairness Policy


We take cheating in NBA 2K games very seriously. Players who gain an unfair advantage through cheating or from outside of the authorized game ecosystem degrades the quality of the game and diminishes the experience for all players. 

We are actively monitoring for any signs of abuse. If a player is found to have gained an unfair advantage by using bots, hacks or cheats of any kind or participated in unapproved virtual currency transactions, the result could be anywhere from a 1 week ban to a permanent ban from the use of the game. 

The following behaviors will result in suspension or banning: 

  1. Purchase of Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) From Unauthorized Third Parties.
  2. Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) selling and farming (creating multiple accounts to transfer currency between them).
  3. Account buying.
  4. Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) promotion.
  5. Using Bots or Hacking.

 For the Complete Terms of Service visit:  www.take2games.com/eula or www.take2games.com/legal

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