Patch Notes: 11/09/2016



Hello, everyone! We've just rolled out a new patch for Mafia III, which includes a number of new outfits for Lincoln Clay to wear. 

The patch is live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Please the notes below for a full breakdown.

New Outfits

As soon as you hit the "Somethin' I've Got to Do" mission, these outfits will be available for you to wear. Go to your safehouse -or any racket hideout under your control - and head to the wardrobe, where you'll be able to choose from the following looks.

  • Action Wear
    • Plain White Tee
    • On Leave
    • Full Metal
    • Full Metal II
    • Combat
  • Formal Wear
    • Mr. Clay
    • Business Hours
    • Waiter
  • Special Occasions
    • Pro-Am
    • Revolutionary
    • Fed

Patch Notes 

We’re happy to report that the dev team's made a number of improvements on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These improvements are included in the patch and rolling out on all platforms now. 

These updates include (but aren't limited to):

  • UI Improvements
  • Improved car reflections
  • Improved streaming issues
  • Performance optimization
  • Fixed audio issues
  • Fixed some cases of savegame corruption
  • Fixed various issues for Cassandra’s Contraband missions


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