MyPARK Reputation Level Reset


Hey there, All-Stars!

We've received a number of questions about their MyPARK reputation reset in NBA 2K. So, first things first: What caused the reset? Well, generally, a reset of MyPARK reputation level occurs when players switch MyPARK affiliations. 

In a nutshell: Reputation in MyPARK is directly linked to the player’s affiliation and every time affiliation is changed, the Rep will automatically (and irreversibly) reset. This is designed to simulate the alliance of a player to the park of their choice.

NOTE: When you switch parks, you will receive an in-game message on the bottom left of MyPARK Rep screen stating you'll lose all Rep and Rep Level Rewards. You should also see another message confirming your decision to leave your current park.

If your Park Rep reset but you didn't change the MyPARK affiliation, then this may be resolved with some simple troubleshooting. We've got a walkthrough on how to do this. After clearing your console's cache and relaunching the game, you should see your MyPARK reputation back to where it should be.

If the Reputation level still shows "Rookie 1" even after performing the steps listed in our article, then this means that your Rep has unfortunately irreversibly been reset.

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