If you pre-ordered Battleborn but have been having problems accessing the Firstborn Pack bonus content, you've come to the right place. 


We can totally help you out and get your Battleborn heroes looking even more badass than normal!


Here's what we need you to do in order to help you get that content: 


  1. Open a support ticket with us. In the ticket, please include the following:
  2. 提交支援工單給我們。在工單裡,請提供以下資訊:
  3. Provide us with proof of your Battleborn pre-order, such as a receipt or purchase history. This can be a screenshot or a photo. Once you've got this, just upload it to your ticket. 
  4. 提供您預購《為戰而生》的證明給我們,例如收據或購買紀錄。可以用畫面截圖或照片的方式提供。取得收據或購買紀錄後,上傳至支援工單即可。
    • If you purchased the game through Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network, a screenshot or photo of your transaction history will work. Just make sure your User ID is visible in the image. 
    • 如果您是透過Xbox Live或PlayStation Network預購遊戲,請提供交易紀錄的畫面截圖或照片即可。請確認圖片裡清楚可見您的使用者ID。
  1. Tell us your Battleborn Support ID. We have a whole guide about how to find it over here
  2. 把您的《為戰而生》支援ID告訴我們。取得支援ID的完整說明請見這裡。

NOTE: This is if you received and input the code for the Firstborn Pack, but haven't had it show up in game. If you pre-ordered the game but never received  your code, please check out this article





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