BY Little Sister



What is Vaultlanders?

Collect figures and battle in this special mini-game inside New Tales from the Borderlands! Win, and you might just get to keep the figure of your opponent.


How do I get Vaultlanders figures?

There are lots of ways to secure your favorite Vaultlander figure:

  • Win Vaultlander fights in the main story
  • Find some hidden figures while you are exploring the game world
  • Make the right choices during the story
  • Finish your playthrough (or do it again)
  • SHiFT codes
  • Own previous Borderlands games and show us your loyalty

How many figures are there to collect?

There are 20 unique figures in the Vaultlanders mini-game, with different rarities and each will have a unique finishing move as well as a unique passive effect. Choose wisely.


Do I have to play Vaultlanders in New Tales from the Borderlands?

There are only two times where you have to play Vaultlanders during your progress through the story, all other games are optional. But why wouldn't you play this thrilling chance to win some of your favorite figures from the Borderlands?


How do I play against the AI?

In the main story or in the Extras menu you will find our Player vs AI options for Vaultlanders.