Mafia III Demo FAQ

BY 2K Mike




Hey there, all you criminal masterminds!

As you've probably heard, we're releasing a demo of Mafia III on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC. You may have some questions, so we've put together a quick FAQ about this topic. 

Please check out the FAQ below for more information about the Mafia III demo.

What platforms is the demo available for?

  • The Mafia III Demo is available as a digital download on PlayStation 4 via the PSN storefront, Xbox One via the Xbox Live storefront, and for PC only via Steam.

Is the Mafia III Demo available on Mac?

  • No, the Mafia III Demo is not available for the Mac platform.

What content is in the demo?

  • In theMafia III Demo, you'll get to play through the Night of Blood, and be introduced to the seedy criminal underworld of 1968 New Bordeaux and the motivations for Lincoln Clay’s pursuit of military-grade revenge against the Italian Mafia.

Will save data transfer between demo and main game?

  • Yes! Your demo save will transfer to the main game, as well as all progress you’ve made, so long as you play the demo and purchase the main game on the same platform. For your saved progress to transfer, you must purchase the full game on the same platform that you play the demo. Your saved progress will carry over for either a physical or digital full game installation.

Can I transfer my demo save at any time or do I have to complete the demo?

  • You can transfer at any time during the demo.

Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation+ to play it?

  • You will only require PS+ or Gold if you are located in Germany due to the rating of the game.

What are the PC system requirements for the demo?

When is the demo going live?

  • The demo is available right now!

Are there any multiplayer features?

  • There are no multiplayer features.

Do I get anything cool from playing the demo vs just buying the main game?

  • There are no dedicated promotional materials for playing the demo, however, if you create and link a My2K account either online at or within the Mafia III Demo, you will be entitled to the exclusive Il Duca weapon and Classico outfit upon upgrading to the full game.

Is there a specific feature set for PS4 Pro? Are there any improvements?

  • The demo supports the same upscaling that the main game supports on the PS4 Pro console.

Can I earn trophies and achievements in the demo?

  • Trophies and achievements will not be awarded in the demo, but your progress toward any trophies and achievements will carry over to the full game when you upgrade.

If I delete the demo to make room for the full game, can I still transfer my save?

  • The save data is saved separately from the demo files, so as long as you don’t delete your demo save files then you can still transfer them to the main game.

How do I access the Demo?

  • You can access the demo from the PSN store or Xbox Marketplace.  You can find the demo by searching for the game and choosing the "Try Free Demo" option on your PS4 and/or "Play Trial" option on your Xbox One.  For PC you can navigate to the main Steam game store page and click the “Download Demo” button to access the demo.

How do I upgrade to the full game?

  • You can purchase the full game at any time from the Steam Store, PSN, or Xbox Marketplace and then transfer your save from the Demo to the main game. The full game is also available at your local retailer.

How do I transfer my save from the demo to the full game?

  • Transferring your save is super easy! Before you get to the main menu of the full game, Mafia III will recognize if you have a demo save and ask if you'd like to import it.  If you choose to do so, then you can continue your progress.

What languages will the trial be available in?

  • The trial will be available in all languages and territories that the main game launched in.

How much disk space is required?

  • PS4 SCEA: 26.58 GB
  • PS4 SCEE: 26.58 GB
  • PS4 SCEJ: 21.39 GB
  • XB1 WW: 24.6 GB
  • XB1 WWC: 20.1 GB
  • PC: ~24GB