GameSpy Multiplayer Exchange Program Ending

BY 2K Mike




Hello everyone,

In April 2014, Glu Mobile announced that it would be shutting down servers for several older games using GameSpy Technology. As a result, 2K titles using GameSpy online service offerings were scheduled to go offline on May 31, 2014.

Following that, 2K has worked to implement online service changes for several titles (including Civilization III, IV and Borderlands, transitioning them from GameSpy to Steamworks.)

Since this technology change has been implemented, we’ve offered players who own physical copies of Civilization III, IV and Borderlands the ability to upgrade to digital versions of the titles with Steamworks providing multiplayer technology.

We are now spinning down the digital replacement program.

After 12:00 AM PST on June 4th 2017, 2K will no longer offer complimentary replacements of Civilization III, Civilization IV (or its expansions) to players who purchased physical copies of the game. You will still be able to upgrade Borderlands via Steam, but 2K will not provide support if you encounter issues with this process.

Here are some answers to some questions you may have.

Are you still going to sell copies of Borderlands and Civilization III and IV?

  • Yes! Although physical copies are no longer being sold by 2K, the games can still be picked up on a wide variety of digital platforms.

Will I still be able to play multiplayer if I have a physical copy but haven’t upgraded to a digital one?

  • You’ll need a digital copy to play online.

Do I still have time to upgrade to a digital copy for free?

  • If you’re reading this before 12 AM PST, June 4th 2017, you are eligible to upgrade your physical copy of Civilization III and IV. As of March 27 2019, 2K has sunset the digital upgrade program for Borderlands

How do I do this upgrade if I’m still in the eligibility window?

  • We have a walkthrough on how to request/perform upgrades right over here.