BY 2K Mike



If you're seeking help with (or have questions about) the 2K Accounts, we’ve prepared some questions and answers about the program. Please feel free to contact us if you don't see the answer you're seeking here. 

What is a 2K Account?

The 2K Account is a user account system and newsletter subscription platform used across a variety of 2K products and official 2K websites. At this time, it isn’t directly associated with player profiles on NBA 2K or 2K mobile titles, but you can still subscribe to the NBA 2K newsletter through the 2K Account subscription preferences.

After signing up through one of our connected titles, you can manage your account by visiting https://portal.2k.com/


Wait… how is that different from my2K?

2K Account is the next evolution of my2K and existing my2K accounts have been upgraded to 2K Accounts.  Though certain games may still display the my2K name, the service behind the scenes is now powered by the improved 2K Account system and any new accounts created in those games will simply be 2K Accounts.


Is a 2K Account the same as the "MyPLAYER" accounts in NBA 2K titles?

No. This is a new account system for certain 2K products and isn’t currently related to NBA accounts. You will have to create a new account for your 2K Account. It will, however, be implemented in many of our other titles. If you need help with MyPLAYER or anything else in NBA 2K, please visit our NBA 2K support articles.


2K says my email address isn’t verified. How can I verify my email address?

To verify your email address, you just click on the verification link sent to your email address.

NOTE: If you received multiple verification emails, please use the most recent one. After receiving a new email, the links in any older verification emails will no longer be valid.


Help, I never received my verification email!

If you didn’t receive a verification email, you should first make sure it didn't get caught in a spam filter. If you still can't find it, you can click on the "Missing verification email?" link, and enter your email address. This will immediately send you a new verification email.

NOTE: The links in all old verification emails will now be unusable.


I clicked on a link in a verification email or password reset email and the website told me the link was invalid.

This usually happens when clicking on links in old emails. If you received multiple verification emails, for example, only the links in the latest verification email are valid. You can always resend the email from the 2K Account website to guarantee you are responding to the latest email.


I created an account in game, but it didn’t ask me for a password. How do I log in again?

When creating an account in game, you don’t have to enter a password and are allowed to remain logged in for a certain amount of time. After that, you will click on the link in the verification email sent to you to verify your account and there you can complete your account information (including adding a password).


2K Account says my credentials are invalid. What do I do?

You can reset your password by visiting the 2K Account website, clicking on the Reset Password button, and entering your email address. This will immediately send you an email with a link to reset your password.


When I create an 2K Account, it says my email has already been used. What do I do?

This means that your email is already on an account. The best thing to do is to 2K Account website and reset your password to recover that account.


Why can’t I create a 2K Account if I don’t accept the Terms of Service or allow Access Permissions?

We require all users to accept the Terms of Service and allow Access Permissions without exception.


How do I stop these annoying verification emails from being sent?

There’s also a link in the email to delete your account.  Clicking on that link will take you to a webpage where you can start the deletion process.


I received a verification email or password reset email that I did not request.

You can ignore the email. We won’t email you marketing materials unless you opt-in by clicking the verification link, and we won’t reset your password unless you click the reset link. If you’re still concerned or want to address this issue, let us know the details.


How do I delete my 2K Account?

If you have a 2K Account and would like to delete it, you’ll need to reach out to 2K Customer Service in order to do so.  


How do I link different profiles to my 2K Account?

It’s a simple process, and we have an article detailing it right over here.