2K Launcher Update - January 25, 2023

BY Little Sister



New Features:

  • 2K Launcher now closes as soon as the game is open
    • This will free system resources that may help improve performance on low end computers
  • Improved messaging on linking game to Epic on first time launch
    • Epic version of the 2K Launcher is now informing players to go to the web browser as needed for Epic permissions


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed games opening with “Below Normal” Base Priority
    • This issue was identified by the Marvel's Midnight Suns community - thank you!
    • Intended to improve game performance
  • Fixed Steam listing the game as “Running” when browsing to different pages on the Launcher
  • Launcher will now correctly detect ownership of the Marvel's Midnight Suns Season Pass on Epic
  • Other Miscellaneous bug fixes