BY Colleen



What is VC?

VC is a type of in-game money you can spend in the game store for special content. 


What can I buy with VC?

In MyFACTION mode you can use VC to buy:

  • Card Packs
  • Contracts


Where can I use VC?

VC can only be used in MyFACTION for WWE 2K23.


Where can I get VC?

You can buy your VC from the Sony or Microsoft marketplaces for consoles, from the Steam store for PC, and of course from inside MyFACTION mode itself. 

You want to always make sure you are purchasing the correct VC for the platform you are on when you are in the store. For example an Xbox One user should be sure they are getting Xbox One VC, otherwise you will have trouble getting the content redeemed correctly to your account. Double checking before you buy can save you a headache down the road!


Can I transfer VC from other games?

Each game from 2K Sports has its own type of VC, so if you have earned VC in an NBA 2K game, or purchased VC for PGA TOUR 2K23, it can't be moved over to WWE 2K23. 


Can I transfer VC or card collections from WWE 2K22?

Each release of WWE 2K is a separate game, and so VC purchased for or cards in your collection in WWE 2K22 can't be moved over to WWE 2K23. 


Can my different copies of the game share VC?

Game systems within the same family (PlayStation 4 with PlayStation 5, or Xbox One with Xbox X|S) have a system called a Shared Wallet. VC cannot be shared across platform families - so your PC VC can't be used on your PS5, for example.