BY Alex



The Auction House is one of the most popular features of MyTEAM, in which you can use MyTEAM Points (MTP) to acquire cards from other players, or auction off your own cards in return for MTP. You can also earn MTP throughout MyTEAM by playing games or completing agendas.

However, using the Auction House to purchase, sell, or transfer MTP to other players violates the 2K Player Code of Conduct.

This includes using the Auction House to transfer MTP to or from another account (e.g. giving away MTP to a friend) or using multiple accounts for the purpose of aggregating MTP. Generating awareness for and/or encouraging other players to purchase, sell or intentionally transfer MTP between accounts is also a violation of the 2K Player Code of Conduct.

2K takes player conduct very seriously in order to ensure that NBA 2K is an experience that offers a fair and level playing field for competition. We actively monitor player activity and take corrective action against those who break these rules. Accounts identified as purchasing, selling, or otherwise illegally transferring MTP will be temporarily banned for 30 calendar days. Repeat offenders will face a permanent account ban. We appreciate your partnership and support in protecting the game and community.

Please contact customer service if you feel this was done in error.

For complete Terms of Service, please visit www.take2games.com/legal.