BY Colleen



If you are receiving the "Game Failed to Start" error when you use the 2K Launcher, we have a solution that should help you fix everything up!


For those having the issue in XCOM 2, there is a special article you can find right here.


First, try rebooting your PC to see if the issue still occurs after a restart. Keep in mind that the most commonly known cause of this issue relates to where the game is installed. If you know you installed the game in a non-default directory and still get the same error after a restart, please use the steps below.


If you are launching from Steam:

One thing to keep in mind is that Steam needs to have run in Online mode before game launch to successfully avoid this error. If you prefer to be offline, you may switch back to Offline mode after having been in Online mode at least once since opening Steam.

If you are still getting the error despite connecting to Online mode, then we have some troubleshooting for you:

  1. Ensure the 2K Launcher is not running
  2. Select Steam in the top left corner of the Steam window and then select Settings in the Drop Down Menu
  3. Select Storage
  4. Note the letter that appears on the left most tab
  5. Locate the game title having the issue in the available tabs
  6. Click the checkbox next to the game and then select Move
  7. Open the drop down menu and select the drive noted in step 4, and then confirm the move
  8. Once the game finishes moving, re-launch the game through Steam to Open the 2K Launcher and select Play


If you are launching from Epic:

  1. Ensure the 2K Launcher is not running
  2. Uninstall the game
  3. Re-install the game to C:\Program Files\Epic Games
  4. Re-launch the game through Epic to Open the 2K Launcher and select Play


If this does not resolve the error, or if you have more questions, feel free to send us a Support Ticket here.