NBA 2K Mobile Basketball - Overtime Event Overview

BY 2K Rykkie



Hey there All-Stars!


As you're now aware, we've announced an new event in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball called Overtime. You probably want to know what this event is all about, so look no further. We've got all the info right here!


Overtime is a new Limited Time Event where you climb the leaderboards by earning as many wins as you can before you lose all your lives.


Overtime Gameplay:

  • Each overtime period is 1 minute long, and you continue playing until one team finishes with more points.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of an overtime period, your streak is maintained, and you play a subsequent overtime period until a winner is determined.
  • Golden Basketballs count as “lives” and allow you to continue your streak if you lose a game.
    • You can purchase more golden basketballs in normal mode to ensure you don’t lose your streak progress.

Two modes - Normal and Hardcore

  • In Normal mode you start with 5 lives, and just like the old arcade days, you can "buy back in" to continue adding wins to your streak, or you can start over if you lose all your lives.
  • Hardcore is not for the faint of heart. You start with three lives and those are the only lives you get. There is no buying back in.

Bonus Objectives 

  • You get style bonuses by using players on your team that match the theme of the event.
  • You can get post-game bonuses by executing specified plays in the game. For example, a rebound or three-pointer.



It’s possible to get multiple types of rewards in Overtime.

  • Normal Mode Streak Rewards:
    • The upper streak rewards are free for anyone to get.
    • Unlock the PREMIUM streak rewards (on the bottom) to get additional rewards as you progress.
      • There will be more premium streak rewards available compared to the free streak rewards.
        • For example, there may be free streak rewards up to 25 games. However, Premium streak rewards allow you to go all the way to 50 games without resetting.
  • Hardcore Mode Streak Rewards:
    • Hardcore streak maximum is 10 for both free and premium streak rewards. Streaks can be higher than 10, but the rewards reset each time you win 10 straight games or if you lose all your Golden Basketballs.
  • Event Point Milestone Rewards (aka Progression Rewards)
  • Event Point Leaderboard rewards (Just like the other events)
  • Additional and separate Streak Leaderboard rewards for Hardcore mode:
    • Find them by clicking the button that pops up next to the Hardcore button once you enter Hardcore mode. That is where you can earn the top theme card for the event.

New Item:

The event also includes a new item called Pump-Up consumables!

  • They allow you to train a player card for varying XP amounts depending on the quality of the consumable.
    • For example, a Sapphire Pump-Up Consumable will give your player a similar amount of XP as using a Sapphire player card. This way you don’t have to always use your player cards as training fodder.