BY Little Sister



NOTE: Every player accepts the Terms of Service prior to accessing Online Features for LEGO 2K Drive

As we build our LEGO 2K Drive community brick by brick, it's important to have a guideline for what is and is not acceptable online behavior and for those creations we will share with each other, so please take some time to read up on the information below. 


  • Creating inappropriate and/or lewd vehicles.
    • Examples:
      • Vehicles designed to look sexually suggestive.
      • Vehicles that include any content that is profane, racist, or hateful, or that promotes any terrorist or extremist group.
  • Uploading any illegal, harmful, inappropriate and/or lewd content, including any content that depicts nudity, abuse, graphic violence, profanity, racism, hate-speech, or anything that promotes or glorifies any terrorist or extremist group, suicide, or self-harm.
  • Any content that clearly contains weapons, images of military vehicles, or weapons / military vehicles being fashioned out of multiple LEGO bricks including every-day objects in the act of being used as weapons.

  • Any content that includes, looks like, or is based on any third party intellectual property, including any vehicle, references to, or images from any other franchise, game, movie, TV show or brand.
  • Bullying, harassing, or deliberately annoying other players.
    • Examples: Name-calling, revealing personal information, making threats, griefing, etc.
  • Uploading content, using any file, or running any script with the intention of exploiting or modifying gameplay or damaging or modifying the gameplay environment. 
  • Boosting/Colluding with other players or accounts to exploit the game for the purpose of gaining wins, Brickbux, or rankings, etc. 
  • Uploading or sharing community content that is a reference to drugs or alcohol.


The number of violations of this policy that are allowed before a player's account is suspended or banned may vary depending on the severity of the infraction. Player accounts may be permanently banned immediately if the severity of their infraction is significant, the volume of content uploaded or created by them that violates the policy is high, or the volume of complaints received about them is high.


KEEP IN MIND: The examples above are not intended to be a complete list. They are just some of the actions that are not allowed, in order to help you understand what kind of behavior is not considered okay for LEGO 2K Drive.