BY Little Sister



There are many ways to experience LEGO 2K Drive, so let's take a sneak peek at all of those with you!


Where do you start? Play is where you access single player content such as the Story, Cup Series, Races, and Minigames. These can also be played in split screen with friends.


The Modes:

Story is where many of you will begin your journey into Lego 2K Drive.

Alongside Clutch Racington and your friendly robot companion (named STUD), you will progress through four open world zones, competing in Races, leveling up, fighting off Robots in various Minigames, gathering Checkered Flags from Rivals and Grand Brick Arena Medals from epic Grand Brick Arena Races... all to reach the Sky Cup Grand Prix, defeat your main Rival Shadow Z and win the Sky Cup.

Beyond that, you can explore the maps and complete tons of optional content like World Challenges, Quests, and ON-THE-GOs to level up and earn Brickbux.


World Challenges are open world activities that range from collecting lost brick parts as fast as possible to a red-light green-light type game called Red Brick Green Brick. You'll earn XP and Brickbux for completing these challenges.


Quests are open world activities given to you from Characters around the maps. They can be anything from recovering rogue rockets or lost bats to delivering flowers to the Quest giver's crush, or even catching a criminal in a police cruiser! Not only can you earn XP and Brickbux, but you can also earn vehicle parts, flairs, or even fully-built unique vehicles.


ON-THE-GOs, or OTGs, are quick tasks that can be started by passing through any of the large blue gates scattered throughout the biomes. They can be as short as a few seconds or up to a couple of minutes long. These will often involve interacting with the world in some way, be that going as far as you can off of a large jump or breaking a certain number of specific props within a time limit.

You can earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal depending on how well you complete the task, earning more XP and Brickbux the better you do.


Race is for those of you who want to start racing right from the Main Menu. The Grand Brick Arena and Sky Cup races have to be unlocked through the Story, but aside from those you can hop into any race either by yourself or with a friend in split screen.


Cup Series is similar to Race and allows you to jump into races from the Main Menu by yourself or in split screen. The difference is instead of selecting specific races, you'll choose from different cups. Those randomly select four races to be played in a tournament style, where the finish placement of racers in each race determines a point value that they earn.

At the end, the racer with the most points wins the whole cup!


Minigame allows you to jump right into any of the Minigames that show up in Story, such as Defense where you must defend generators from waves of exploding robots, or Rescue where you will rescue victims from the immediate threat of Skeletons, Robot Cowboys, or Clowns and bring them to safe zones. This can be done in single player or split screen.