BY Little Sister



If you're looking to be in it for the long haul, you're going to want to look into our Drive Pass - extra content coming down the road for the game!


How can I get the Drive Pass?

Drive Pass comes with the Awesome Edition and the Awesome Rivals Edition of LEGO 2K Drive, but if you want to pick it up by itself just stop by Unkie's Emporium to make your purchase. Drive Pass will also be available through your platform store - lots of ways to get in on the action!


What do I get with Drive Pass?

Purchase the Year 1 Drive Pass to get the Premium versions of Season 1-4, which feature new premium rewards such as Vehicles, Drivers, Sticker, Flairs, Sounds, Brick Packs, and more! It also includes the Awesome Pizza Vehicle and 550 Coins.


When can I play the Year 1 Drive Pass? Is there a time limit for playing them?

Season 1 starts June 28, 2023. The Drive Pass Seasons do not have time limits! Pick up and play each Season at your own pace.