BY Little Sister



If you are under the age required by your region to have your own 2K account with full access to our titles, we want to help you work with your parent or guardian to set up a Parent account, then they can set up your Child account and get you into the game!


How will I know if I am under the age required?

When you enter your date of birth on your 2K account, our system will check your region and age and let you know if you need a Parent account to move on. It's that easy!

These ages are set by your region/country, and we cannot make an exception to their requirements.


What if I already have an account?

If your existing 2K account is missing any information, we will ask you to update it when you connect it to LEGO 2K Drive. That information is a verified email address, a 2K display name, your country/region, and your date of birth. If this process detects that you need a Parent account for your region, you will be taken to the Parent account creation process, just like if you were creating a new account.


What if I don't get my parent or guardian to set up a Parent account?

You can still play offline, but all online LEGO 2K Drive play will require that you have that Parent account to connect with your Child account.


I am the parent or guardian, what do I need to do?

We're going to keep it simple to protect your child's safety with these steps - just make sure to have your email address and one for your child ready.

  • Step 1: If your parental email doesn't have a 2K Account tied to it yet, visit https://portal.2k.com/ and use "Sign up" to set up up your 2K Account
  • Step 2: When you log into that 2K Account you may be asked for some information like country, date of birth, or display name
  • Step 3: From the child's 2K Account you will be asked to verify you are an adult - depending on where you live this may involve providing a little personal data and you will connect that part of the account with your email address
  • Step 4: Create your child's account with their email address, password, and display name
  • Step 5: Choose the permissions granted to your child's 2K Account

That's it! Keep in mind both email addresses will need to be verified.


If I am the parent, and I use a credit or debit card for verification, will I be charged?

Yes, to test the card SuperAwesome will send a very small charge to your card temporarily. This amount will be refunded to you in 8-13 business days, and they do not store your card details.


What do I do if I have trouble verifying my Parent Account?

For any issues you are having setting up your Parent Account and verifying your age, you'll want to reach out to SuperAwesome Support at https://parents.superawesome.com for help. 2K Support doesn't have any direct access to the information needed for verification, so SuperAwesome is set up to give you the best assistance possible.