BY Little Sister



So you have a code for special content, like vehicles, minifigures, or something else very cool, and you want to know how to make the exchange in-game? Park it here for a moment and we'll go over it together!


First things first - in order to redeem any code you will need to link your 2K Account. You can find more about that in our article about 2K Account Link Troubleshooting here.


Once your 2K Account is linked, you're going to visit the Main Menu and find the button to take you to Unkie's Emporium on the right side of your screen.

  • There is one exception to heading to Unkie's and that is the Drive Pass - you can buy the Drive Pass from Unkie's Emporium but that one will have its content delivered directly once you've redeemed the code outside the game on the account linked to your platform (Epic, Nintendo, PlayStation, Steam, Xbox).


From inside Unkie's Emporium, whether you are on the Home, Store, or Official tab, there will be a "Redeem Code" option at the bottom of your screen. Select it and a Redeem Code pop up window will, well, pop up!


Enter your code and wait for the "Code Redeemed Successfully" message. If you have a mistake in your code or a unique code that has already been used you will get a "Code Not Found" error.


After you have entered the code, you need to go looking for it:

  • If it is a Vehicle or a Minifigure it will appear in your Loadout. Loadout is accessed when you are out in the open world, in your pause menu.
    • From there check the loadout section Street, Offroad, Water, or Driver depending on what you redeemed.
  • For Flairs, Brick Packs, Sounds, or Stickers you can only view it in the Garage. Your Garage can be accessed out in the open world, with multiple locations across the Biomes or on the Main Menu.
    • To use your new stuff, you will edit it directly onto a vehicle in the Garage.