BY Little Sister



As we build this community, it's our goal to have everyone play nice! But in case someone doesn't and you see something you want to report, we want you to be able to say something and let us know. Let's walk through how to report anything you see that doesn't belong in LEGO 2K Drive.


To get an idea of what won't be okay in the game, feel free to check out our Code of Conduct.


You can let us know if you find someone:

Has an Offensive Vehicle

Is AFK (Away From Keyboard) or not participating in a match

Behaves in an Unsportsmanlike Manner

Is Cheating

Has an Inappropriate Name


You can make these reports from a couple of different places:

  • Your Social menu
    • If you are friended with someone you can report or block them from here
    • When you have just been in a race or match with someone they will be listed under "Recent"
  • The Pause menu during a race or match
    • The race has to start, you cannot report someone from the lobby
    • If you or the reported player leave the lobby and do not join the race, they will not show up under "Recent" in your Social menu


What happens after I make a report?

Once you have submitted the name and reason for your report, you will be taken back to the game. While there is no confirmation, rest assured your report will be received and reviewed. For privacy reasons we cannot tell you the outcome of the investigation, but we take these matters and reports very seriously. 


How do I unblock someone?

If you have blocked another player, there is currently no way to remove that block. Make sure you use your blocks carefully!