Civilization: Eras & Allies - Code of Conduct

BY Rick



NOTE: Every player accepts the Terms of Service prior to accessing Online Features for Civilization: Eras & Allies


2K takes player conduct and fairness very seriously. Civilization: Eras & Allies players who engage in toxic behavior, cheating, or other means to gain an unfair advantage degrade the quality of the game and diminish the overall experience for the rest of the community.


To ensure the safety and security of each member of our community, 2K actively monitors player behavior both in and outside the game. Players who violate the Terms of Service and/or this Player Code of Conduct may face corrective action ranging from an initial warning or temporary suspension to account ban.


Prohibited behavior subject to corrective action includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Purchasing in-game currency from unauthorized third party sellers/websites.
  • In-game currency farming and selling (including creating multiple accounts for the purpose of transferring and/or aggregating currency).
  • Buying, selling, or otherwise transferring accounts to other users.
  • Promoting unauthorized in-game currency or account sales.*
  • Building or using bots in any form or fashion.
  • Inappropriate and/or lewd content: nudity, profanity, racism, hate-speech.
  • Hacking or attempting to hack Civilization: Eras & Allies in any form or fashion.

* Promoting unauthorized in-game currency or account sales refers to any action a player takes to increase awareness or drive engagement for any in-game currency or account offer or promotion which is not clearly and explicitly authorized by 2K. Any player who promotes unauthorized in-game currency or account sales will face corrective action.


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