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That's it, the perfect LEGO 2K Drive vehicle build! This isn't just cool enough that you need to ride around in it, this is Awesomer enough that the world needs to know and experience it! That's where the Creators Hub comes in...

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To use the Creators Hub, you'll need internet access and a 2K Account; from there, you can start uploading your custom vehicles and browsing other players' creations. World famous designs, including yours, will be shared around the globe!


Where do I begin?

Starting out, you'll find yourself in the Depot - a place for popular vehicles to be showcased. This is a chance to see the Most Upvoted and Most Downloaded creations from the community. When you select a vehicle from this menu, you can zoom in to a Preview and take a closer look, Download the vehicle to add it your collection in the Garage, or even Upvote it to show your LEGO love for those very clever vehicle creations!


Is there a downvote? How do I let you know if something isn't cool for the community?

All Creators Hub submissions go through a moderation process before they're shared with the LEGO 2K Drive community, giving players a welcoming selection of player-created vehicles. If you see any vehicle on the Creators Hub that you object to, you have the option to Report it, which flags it for review by LEGO 2K Drive's moderation team.


How do I see more vehicles than just the Depot?

Just switch from Depot to the Browse tab, and you will be in for a treat - you'll peruse an ever-growing selection of vehicles from other players! When you're looking for something specific, there are filters including Street, Off-Road, and Water vehicles, vehicles uploaded by your 2K Account Friends, and vehicles you've already Downloaded or Upvoted before.

Maybe filters aren't the way you like to work, so for you we've included sort options such as alphabetical order, how recently they were uploaded, total number of upvotes, total number of downloads, or total number of bricks used to construct the vehicle.

No, that won't work, because you have something very specific in mind. Good news, there is also a Search function where you can search by 2K Account Name, a vehicle's identifying Share Code number, or vehicles made by someone on your Friends list, with the same Filter and Sort By options as the rest of the Creators Hub.


I found it! I need it in my Garage collection!

Great! Once you've locked on to the vehicle that meets your needs in the Creators Hub, you'll need to Download it and it will add it to your Garage collection. Whenever you visit your Garage after this you can see any of these downloaded creations listed underneath the Downloads tab. 

Getting behind the wheel of any of these is easy, just remember to add them to your Loadout so you can show Bricklandia your newest rides!

And if it isn't perfect yet, you can make modifications to the Downloaded vehicles in the Garage - personalize it, make it match your style, escalate it to its ultimate edition and hit the road. And then when you're tired of it, or your tastes change, you can hit the "Remove from Garage" button in the Garage or the Creators Hub and it will be taken out of your collection. 


I'm ready to share my vehicle idea with my friends, family, and the world!

Only vehicles created solely by you in the Garage can be shared on the Creators Hub, with you credited as the author! In other words, a modified version of any vehicle you've earned through gameplay, purchased from Unkie's Emporium, or downloaded from the Creators Hub won't be eligible for uploading. The first step of uploading to the Creators Hub is ensuring your vehicle can be used in online multiplayer via a simple submission and review process.

You can submit your vehicle by clicking the Submit button seen at the bottom of each vehicle's menu in the Garage. After you've submitted a vehicle, it will go through LEGO 2K Drive’s moderation process; you should get a notification if your vehicle has successfully passed through this process within a day or so and it'll show up in the My Hub tab within the Creators Hub.

From the My Hub tab, you'll have the option to upload it to the wider Creators Hub ecosystem, which will generate a unique Share Code for the vehicle and make it discoverable for upvoting and downloading by other players around the world!


How many vehicles can I send to the Creators Hub?

Each player is allowed to upload a total of 30 vehicles to the Creators Hub; any new uploads you want to make beyond that will need to be swapped in place of old ones.

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