Init Error # 4215 or 4205 when I try to start Mafia

BY Permanently deleted user



I receive a Init Error # 4215 or 4205 when I try to start Mafia

First, make sure you meet or exceed all the listed requirements for the game. This error will come up if any one of the requirements is not met on your computer.

Also from the installation folder of Mafia, run the SETUP.EXE file.  This will load the video and sound configuration options for the game, please try the following settings:

  • Change the resolution to 800x600
  • Turn off fullscene antialiasing
  • Turn off truecolor for lightmap quality/size
  • Turn on compressed textures
  • Turn on Low detail

Once done click Save and Exit and try the game again.

If you continue to get this error, go to Start, then Run, and type 'dxdiag' (without the quotes). When the Direct X Diagnostic tool window opens, click on the Sound tab. Look about half way down the screen for an area labeled Direct X Features, and a slider for Hardware Sound Acceleration. Move this slider two notches to the left to set the acceleration at Basic. Exit, and start up the game. If you still have trouble, go back into the Direct X Diagnostic Tool and change the acceleration to None.