Civilization V Updates: Updated 2013-03-13

BY 2K David



Here is a list of recent patches and hotfixes for Civilization V, along with the lists of changes and fixes included in each.

Patch released Wedensday, March 13, 2013

  • Bugs and Technical Issues
    • If you build defensive structures in your city, then save and reload, the hit-point bonus would disappear.
    • Hun Battering Ram promotion which allows it to only attack cities is now lost upon upgrade
    • Civ5 Touch - Fixes the oddness when rotating tablets
    • Graphical - Fixed issue with Rock of Gibraltar not showing up correctly.
    • Fixed the bug where the Maya AI didn't have to pick a different GP for each Baktun
    • Fixed an issue on a city flip/gift which would cause loss of city plots forever.
    • Fixed a bug where liberated CS would not show their vote correctly in the Victory Progress UI screen
    • Fixed graphics bugs when the game was restarted too many times in a row.
    • Shortcuts created through the launcher now function correctly.
  • Crashes/Freezes
    • Fixed a crash that happens when an AI loses its capital, but still has units, so is still alive.