Civilization V hotfix notes for August 21, 2013

BY 2K David



Here is the list of changes for Civilization V (plus Gods & Kings and Brave New World) that are being released in a hotfix update today.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when users try to replace a farm with another improvement (like a Holy Place, Manufactory, etc.).
  • Fixed a crash with the World Wrap when moving naval units across it (primarily on Windows 8, the FX draw could cause a crash due to memory constraints).
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to unlock the Raiders of the Lost Ark achievement. This affected only human Washington players who were completing an Archaeological Dig in neutral territory.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the AI turn if a city that had connected trade routes was razed.
  • Fixed some additional random crashes found via Steam Reporting.


  • The number of Archaeologists built by the AI is now more reasonable.
  • Correct error in flavor changes for ranged unit construction strategies.
  • Espionage AI: Correct an issue that was causing the AI to assign diplomats improperly when there were no valid targets.
  • Tactical AI - Pillaging: Update tactical AI to include targeting Citadels and non-resource tiles for pillaging, to prioritize closer targets over farther targets, and to prefer to use damaged units (so they get the healing benefit).


  • Allow Wats to be purchased with Faith by Siam (instead of Universities).


  • When pressing escape, the tech tree now uses the same close logic as hitting F6 or the close button. This was previously causing the pop-up system to fail in-game. After the error occurred, no more pop-ups would be shown until it is cleared by reloading, or by hitting "F6" multiple times. This would be most noticeable when capturing an enemy city and the player would not be able to choose to annex, puppet, or raze, as it would just annex it automatically.
  • Audio sliders now move in increments in 1 (was 10) and display as a percentage. Fixed how the Slider control moves based on keyboard and scrollwheel input so that it correctly uses the WheelSteps property.
  • The Declare War UI now displays whether the players have created a declaration of friendship or denounced each other. There's also now a turn counter specifying how long the Declaration of Friendship or Denouncement has left.


  • Fixed a bug causing all "Victory" achievements to stop functioning for the base game and Gods and Kings.
  • Fix the "Dr Livingstone" achievement.
  • Fix the "Pickett's Recharge" achievement.
  • Fix a bug that was causing Barbarians to not properly target civilian units.
  • Fix "Greed is Good" achievement. No longer unlocks when the AI fulfills the requirements.
  • Fix the Venetian Great Galleass so that it can no longer both Melee and Range attack.
  • Fix cases where Cite-State units weren't being marked properly as dangerous or friendly. These could cause workers to wake up (or ignore danger) incorrectly.


  • DLL connecters now link properly. Custom built DLL mods would previously not load properly (since last update).
  • Fix "flibby" antiquity sites bug that can occur when using a World Builder map that has pre-defined antiquity sites.


  • Venice can no longer annex cities through the Strategic View.
  • Venice can no longer annex cities that were previously their puppet, captured by another player, then recaptured as Venice.


  • Fix an issue that can occur when you start an MP game with AI players, and that AI meets a City-State, and if a human then joins the game and takes over that AI slot, the game prevents the human from moving into the City-State territory without declaring war.
  • Allow the game to read-in custom maps from any maps directory, not just the main game maps directory.
  • Unlocked the rest of the map-scripts for multiplayer play (there were some that were previously not hooked in from earlier releases) – ContinentsPlus, Donut, PangaeaPlus, Sandstorm, Highlands, Lakes, Terra.