Downloading patch and what does it change?

BY Permanently deleted user



Upgrade Sid Meier's Pirates! to v1.02 with this patch.

The Following Issues have been Fixed:


  • "Consistently, with a wanted criminal, in land Nav, if the user loses the Tavern duel, is thrown in prison, is given a chance to sneak out, and successfully sneaks out of town, the user is returned to the city with all objects removed from the world."
  • When finding new spot for ship when leaving port, can get really bad positions.
  • Water geometry not updated properly when scaling changes.
  • Annoying captain bug fix.
  • Less "angular" sword trails.
  • Fix for the missing terrain edges.
  • Treasure map camera fix
  • Don't show crewmen in tavern if there are not enough in the tavern to join
  • Don't allow "Welcome Aboard" message if you have a full crew contingent.
  • Don't allow "return to merchant" message if merchant can't buy anything.
  • Miscellaneous out-of-array-bounds checks
  • Pause menu lighting fix in dance and duel.
  • Montalban now weilds a rapier
  • Always show crewmen while dueling (stops them from disappearing while dueling)
  • Top 10 defeat ranking corrected.
  • Allow re-sack of town if AI sacks town.
  • Don't allow AI sack of town of we've gone as far as rescuing the daughter.
  • Daughter reset if AI takes over town
  • When loading unwelcome arrival save, popup shows over game world.
  • Don't allow AI to sink known pirates.
  • Landmark rocks now damage ships.
  • Privateer crash.
  • "I have exactly 1000, gold traveler wants 1000 gold but I cannot purchase the item."


  • Privateer crash where they had an invalid "home" and could not return.
  • Return NumLock state to whatever it was prior to game start.
  • Montalban map unaccessible from arrows.
  • "Terminator guy" player character on Intel graphics chipsets.
  • Crew will no longer be seen swinging from ropes in dueling when eliminated.
  • Treasure replay lists 1000 less gold.
  • With rank, no bounty appears in status screen.
  • Wrong color shirt in promotion replays.
  • Just because it annoyed me, all occurrances of "Treasuer" in log.cpp have been changed to "Treasure"
  • Barmaid - men in settlement.
  • Load/Save button enabled in port after loading arrival save.
  • Landmarks can disappear when two maps share same one.
  • Treasure map - no X.
  • You can still view treasure map after retrieving treasure but before returning to ship.
  • Wrong ordinals for PC in top ten pirates list and retirement screen.
  • Landmarks spawn under cities/not visible.
  • Leaving Panama/Gran Granada jail leaves player stuck.
  • Can't reassign left and right for nav (keymap.ini). Or SeaBattle, for that matter.
  • Player can walk off the right edge of the map when on land.
  • If lost relative mission and Montalban mission both enabled and you complete the relative mission, the Montalban mission button is not visible on the menu.
  • Bartender resets upgrade at shipwright.
  • Reefs did not damage player's ship in SB.
  • Camera clip in dance (Spanish ballroom).
  • Treasure fleet respawn issues.
  • Possible crash when trying to access one of the functions of DirectX before it was initialized.
  • Sea Nav: Port, Negative -2420 soldiers appear.
  • When firing grape or chain shot at the end of a ship battle, the sounds continue to loop in sailing.
  • Timing of dance help flash is earlier.
  • Land Battle exploit.
  • No food/no mutiny exploit.
  • Top 10 Pirates in wrongly named ships.
  • Water geometry not updated properly when scaling changes.
  • Sped up land battle animations.
  • Bar duels now more difficult - based on rank.
  • Dance rating modified by difficulty.