Patch and what does it change?

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Where can I download the Sid Meier's Railroads patch and what does it change?

Upgrade Sid Meier's Railroads! to v1.1 with this patch. 


  • AI - AI now takes industry potential into consideration when making route decisions.
  • AI - Changed AI's criteria for building new trains (now uses individual goods rather than depots)
  • Functionality - Added new option "Use All Trains", which allows the use of all trains in the game, when in TT mode.
  • Functionality - Added the ability to manipulate the camera freely when paused. To do this, pause the game and press "CTRL+F". In this mode, cursor keys move the camera and the camera can be rotated by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse.
  • Functionality - Cities can now accept raw materials directly from resources properly.
  • Functionality - Clouds can now be disabled in the options screen.
  • Functionality - Enabled terrain editor. To enable the terrain editor, you must add "EditorEnabled = 1" to your settings.INI.
  • Functionality - Enabled larger size maps.
  • Functionality - Exposed scenario timescale in scenario XML. If "iTurnsPerMonth" is found in the Scenario XML, it will override the default scale of 16 turns per month (every 4 seconds). If the timescale is greater than 60 (a new month every 15 seconds), the date display will also display the current day of the month.
  • Functionality - Fixed rerouting cash exploit.
  • Functionality - Made track selection easier. (track now takes precedence over depots)
  • Functionality - Terminals can now accommodate up to four tracks connected to them.
  • Graphics - Parallel tunnel tracks now draw correctly (no longer overlap)
  • Graphics - Tracks connected to depots/stations/terminals draw with special graphics to distinguish them from "normal" tracks.
  • Interface - Added new city routing icons and chevrons to show which stops on your route map accept the goods in your current consist.
  • Interface - Auction window repositioned so it no longer obscures scores on larger resolutions.
  • Localization - Misc. localization fixes.
  • Multiplayer - XFire support added.

Updates from previous Sid Meier's Railroads! patch v1.01

  • AI - Added a negative value to investor level, to slow AI down if he's ever actually winning.
  • AI - AI no longer initiates an "Industry Auction" for an Industry the Player just won in an "Auction".
  • AI - Better AI train upgrades- only upgrade trains that have hit full load capacity at least once after the first 3 years of service. Also only upgrade when a comparison of max speeds, given the prior loadouts, proves the upgrade is actually faster.
  • AI - Edited timing differences in difficulty XML
  • AI - Fix for AI failing to initiate industry auctions.
  • AI - Fix for AI failing to set a route in first minute of game.
  • AI - Fixed AI bug where all its internal values for each good were mixed up, causing passengers to be valued at the price of automobiles, hence passengers were almost exclusively delivered.
  • AI - Increased maximum AI auction bidding limits.
  • AI - Less idling on Tycoon difficulty.
  • AI - Track/train costs constant for all difficulty levels
  • AI - Train's consist from a bought out AI will no longer have more than 8 cars on the routing screen.
  • AI - Refresh mission status after each train added (ensures early delivery missions get added)
  • Art - Correcting naming convention for Class 40 Diesel.
  • Art - Fix for missing build-up animations.
  • Art - Fixed rotating truck problem on ES1 and Crocodile locomotives.
  • Art - fixed sorting transparency issue with Goods Car v1. Art - Fixes for the Iron Duke and Consolidation.
  • Crash - Deleting both routes to a train will no longer crash the game when the train comes back.
  • Crash - Deleting the section of track right before the train will no longer crash the