"Ran Out of Video Memory" Error

BY 2K Global Ops



We have received a few reports of players receiving an error which states "Ran Out of Video Memory" after which the application closes.

This issue most commonly occurs when PhysX settings are higher than the Nvidia graphics card is able to keep up with.  PhysX effects are extremely resource intensive, and can cause a slow-down in performance or an application closure on even high end hardware.  In most cases, players with hardware that matches the in-game settings should be able to play uninterrupted for several hours, but may experience issues in 1-1 ½ hours in co-op.  Should you run into VRAM issues more often than you are comfortable with, we recommend trying the following:

  • Lower your resolution will help prolong gameplay.
  • Lowering your Physx to either Low or Medium on the in-game graphics options screen will help prolong gameplay.
  • Updating to the latest Nvidia drivers – Beta Driver 306.02 (These drivers have improved Physx performance)
  • In the Nvidia Control Panal set your Physx to the GPU.
  • Other additional options that can be adjusted to help prolonging gameplay are:
    • Lower Bullet Decals settings
    • Lower Foliage settings

PhysX is a technology developed by Nvidia, and only specific Nvidia cards are designed to render these particular effects.  A list of PhysX supported cards can be found at the following:


NOTE: Not all of these cards will necessarily run the game on high settings.

Many ATI cards are also capable of rendering PhysX effects, but they are not specifically designed to do so, and much of the work is delegated to the systems processor when running PhysX on an ATI set-up.  A performance hit is likely to occur when running High PhysX settings on ATI setups.