[PC] Restoring Save Data to a Previous Point in Windows

BY 2K Global Ops



This article is intended as a possible workaround for an issue that some players have experienced, where their local saves were unintentionally overwritten by their older Steam Cloud saves.

If Restore Previous Versions is enabled on your copy of Windows, you should be able to restore a previous state of your save files. This functionality is enabled by default in Windows 7.  This may not restore the most recent version of the save, but it should get you close.



Please - Back up your current save files and profile data before making any changes. We recommend  copying the entire SaveData folder and moving the copy to your desktop.

Saves are located in C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\SaveData\ 

Inside the SaveData folder, you will see a folder titled with a long series of seemingly random numbers.  This is your save profile folder.

To get the save back, you can right-click on on the Folder the saves are in (the string of numbers) and select Properties. Select the Previous Version tab, which is the second to last tab. Select the previous version you need based on the time and date, then choose open, copy, or restore.

More help concerning the Restore Previous Version tool can be found at the following URL:




This process is a workaround to help restore some worst-case-scenario data loss, and due to the possibility of complete progression loss, is not recommended in cases other than those where large amounts of progression have already been lost.  Please use this process at your own risk.