BioShock 2 Steamworks Update: Frequently Asked Questions

BY 2K David



We wanted to address some important questions regarding the recent update to BioShock 2, which removes Games for Windows Live and implements Steamworks support. 

I purchased BioShock 2 on disc or digitally outside of Steam - How do I redeem my copy of the Steamworks version?

There are a few simple steps to follow to get your Steam copy:

    1. Download and install Steam at
    2. Create a user account, or log into an existing account.
    3. Once you have launched Steam and created/logged in to your account, select the Games menu at the top of the window and select “Activate a Product on Steam” (see picture).

    4. Follow the prompts and enter in your 5x5 (25-character) product activation code that came with your retail copy. 

 I bought a DLC pack for BioShock 2 - Do I get that, too?

  • Yes – Any key “activated” in Steam (retail or digital) will give you BioShock 2 and all associated DLC packs, including "Minerva’s Den".

I don’t own BioShock 2. What do I get if I buy it on Steam/digitally now?  

  • You will unlock BioShock 2's base game, and the first three DLC packs (everything apart from "Minerva's Den"). You'll also have the option to buy "Minerva's Den" from Steam directly.

Will I be able to bring my multiplayer characters, single-player save games or achievements from the Games For Windows LIVE version to the Steam version?

  • No. Unfortunately, this information will not transfer in either the retail or pre-existing Steam/digital versions. 

Will this version support my PC Gamepad?

  • We have officially added support for the Xbox 360 controller, and have ensured it works in Steam's Big Picture Mode. 

Will this work if I purchased a Russian or Polish version of the game?

  • Yes. However, the Steamworks version currently supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages only. If you'd like to play in Russian/Polish, your existing Games For Windows Live version will function as long as the GFWL service is still active.

Have there been any changes/fixes to Multiplayer?

  • In addition to adding support for Steamworks and Steam community features, the team has also made the following changes:
  • Players can now search for “any” game type in the match browser.
  • Additional MP tweaks, including an adjustments to how experience is earned in MP matches.