[Xbox 360 / PS3] Game not saving correctly

BY Brad L



If you are experiencing an issue with BioShock Infinite where the autosave feature appears to skip some save points, it may be related to your console's system time and date settings.  Please check the time and date to verify that they are correct.

If you are connected to Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network on your console, this should not be an issue, as logging in should auto-correct your system time (on PS3, this is true if you have chosen "Set Automatically" in the Date and Time Settings). If you are playing offline, however, you may need to set the date manually.

Manually set the time and date on Xbox 360

  1. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings.
  2. Select Console Settings.
  3. Select Clock.
  4. Change the clock settings.

Note You cannot change the clock settings while you are connected to Xbox LIVE.

Manually set the time and date on PlayStation 3

  1. From the main XMB menu, go to Settings, and select Date and Time Settings.
  2. Select Date and Time.
  3. Select Set Manually.
  4. Change the clock settings to reflect the current time and date.