Update 02/25/2014: Patch Notes

BY Ima 2K




  • Fixed an issue where units would not return to low cover after using suppression.
  • Units should no longer become stuck in wallsin HQ Assault.
  • Aliens entering the map on to a proximity minewill no longer cause the game to crash.


PC and Console:

  • Balance changes to mimetic skin.
  • The Foundry project Pistol I has been applied to Laser and Plasma Pistols.
  • Fix for a hang when close combat triggers while affected by neural damping.
  • Ironman save turning in to an autosave when spamming save/exit.


PC Only:

  • Pause button to strategy and tactical game.
  • Bug Fix for the Edison Achievement not unlocking when researching all techs.
  • Add hunkerdown to the key bindings page.
  • Allowing XEW to unlock second wave options based on steam achievements a user has.
  • Addition of Touch controls to the game.*


*Additional Notes Regarding Touch Support
Touch support can be enabled through the options menu.  For full functionality, it is recommended to use this option with a multi-touch display.  All features may not be available with single-touch displays.  If this feature is enabled without a touch display the game may become unresponsive.  This option can be disabled at any time with or without using a touch display through the options menu.

Text editing support is limited to Keyboard only.