Direct IP and Installing Pre-Steamworks Civilization IV (Unsupported) on Steam

BY 2K David



Instructions for Installing Original Release – UNSUPPORTED Civilization IV

Due to requests that the Direct IP multiplayer option remain available for the Civilization IV titles after the switch to Steamworks, we are making the Original GameSpy Version of the Civilization IV titles available for download via Steam. This will allow players to continue Direct IP games if they wish to do so. Please note: this version of the Civilization IV titles will be unsupported. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! 

Before Installation: note that Civilization IV and its expansions are listed twice in the Steam Library page. This is due to the fact that the Mac versions of these titles are listed separately from the PC versions. Please make sure you are attempting to activate the Beta tag for this title under the correct version of the game for your platform (only available on PC).

In order to set up the Original Release – UNSUPPORTED version of Civilization IV in Steam you will need to opt-in to the beta we have uploaded to Steam.

  1. In your Steam Library, right-click Civilization IV (or any of the expansions) and select “Properties.”

  2. Select the “Betas” tab. As the tag for the pre-Steamworks version is only available for PC, if you do not see it listed, you may be looking at the Mac Steam listing (which did not receive the Steamworks update).

  3. The Beta tag Original Release – UNSUPPORTED will appear in the Beta dropdown list. Select it and close the Properties window. 

  4. Steam should now update Civilization IV to the Original Gamespy Version. If the update does not start automatically, launch the game to force the update process.