WWE SuperCard FAQ

BY 2K Mike




WWE SuperCard Frequently Asked Questions




  • Question: I am intermittently getting a "Waiting on Network" or "Network Error" message, what can I do to prevent it?
    • Answer: Make sure you're connected to a high-speed network and try the following.
        1. - Force close the game
        2. - Turn off Wi-Fi and connect to mobile data instead (or vice-versa)
        3. - Restart your device
        4. - Log back into the game


  • Question: I mistakenly put the wrong name in for my in-game profile name in WWE SuperCard. Can I change my in-game name?
    • Answer: You can change your name in the game by going to the Options menu, then choose the Support button, and then Change Name. If you have reached the maximum number of name changes, you will need to wait the requisite amount of time to change your name again. 





  • Question:I was given a default profile picture when starting WWE SuperCard. How do I change this?
    • Answer: From the main “Play” screen of WWE SuperCard, tap on your profile name. Click on the edit(bottom-left of your current profile picture) to choose from a list of all of your unlocked WWE Superstar cards. Click on “Set as Champ” to update the profile picture.





  • Question:I am unable to train or combine certain cards in WWE SuperCard. Help!
    • Answer: There are multiple reasons this might be happening

First, make sure all cards you're trying to use are:

  • - Unlocked
  • - Not in a deck for any event (ex. Road To Glory, Ring Domination)
  • - Not in a deck for any game mode (ex. Money In The Bank, Wild Mode)
  • - Not in your King of the Ring deck
    • note: King of the Ring is not on the Deck Editor - you need to open King of the Ring to edit that deck
  • - Not in Last Man Standing
    • note: cards cannot manually be removed from Last Man Standing - these cards cannot be used until stronger cards are gained to replace those

If these conditions are met and you are still having trouble, please log out, close the app, and log back in and try again.

If that doesn't work, there is one more possible workaround. Follow these steps if none of the above have worked for you:

1) Add the cards you are trying to combine to your King of the Ring deck.
2) Play King of the Ring normally until you win or are eliminated from the tournament.
3) Remove the cards from your King of the Ring deck.
4) Try to pro /train the cards again.