Game Crashes After Upgrading to iOS 8

BY 2K Mike




The team has become aware of an issue with WWE SuperCard, where the game may repeatedly crash before it reaches the title screen. 

This problem can also be solved by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. 

To uninstall the game, follow these directions:

  1. Hold your finger down on the WWE SuperCard icon on your iOS device's screen until all the icons begin to vibrate and a small X appears in the upper left corner of the logo.
  2. Pressing the X will bring up a prompt to delete the game and all its date from your device.
  3. Click "Delete" when prompted. 
    • Don't worry! You will not lose any of your cards or progress when you reinstall the game!
  4. Click the Home Button to exit out of the app-editing mode. 
  5. Go to the App Store and re-download WWE SuperCard
  6. Open WWE SuperCard, resume crushing your enemies.