Missing Ladder Reward Cards

BY 2K Mike




We’re aware of an issue where players are not receiving Ladder reward cards after playing the required number of games to receive them.

The fastest way to solve this problem is to log out of the game, then log back in. Check your “My Cards” section to see if the reward card has been delivered. 

This seems to occur primarily when cards are earned while playing in the People’s Champion Challenge. Generally, cards seem to be showing up in players’ libraries, but sometimes there is a short delay and you may not receive a notification when it happens.

If the cards have not arrived within a half hour of applying this workaround, please contact us.

NOTE: To log out, go back to the game’s home screen (you can do this by pressing the arrow at the top left side of the screen) and then log back in by pressing the “Play” button. You can also log out/back in by leaving the game for a few minutes, which will let it idle, and then go back into the app.