Civilization: Beyond Earth New Player FAQ

BY 2K Mike



This FAQ is designed to help answer questions from new players in Civilization: Beyond Earth. We will update this post regularly as we receive new questions.

I’ve already seen the intro movie. How do I skip it when I start up the game again?

  • Clicking the mouse solves this. There is also an option to bypass the intro movie in the general game options.

When will Civilization: Beyond Earth be released on Mac and Linux?

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth is set to launch for Mac on both Steam and the Mac App Store this holiday season. The Linux version will launch on Steam close behind the Mac version. Specific launch dates for those platforms haven’t been determined yet, but we’ll update this post when they are.

How much does Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac and Linux cost? Where can I purchase it?

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth will cost $49.99/€49.99/£29.99, just like the PC edition. You may purchase the game directly from Steam once it is released on your platform, or you can also more directly support Aspyr Media by purchasing a Steam code from

What  Civilization: Beyond Earth DLC be available at launch for the Mac and Linux?

  • The only DLC that will be available at launch is the Exoplanets Map Pack. This DLC is currently available free of charge exclusively to customers that pre-order Civilization: Beyond Earth from

Will Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac and Linux support Steam Play?

  • Yes, indeedy! All versions of Civilization: Beyond Earth on Steam will support Steam Play, meaning that when you purchase the game on any supported platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux), you get the game on all three.

Does Civilization: Beyond Earth feature multiplayer? What about cross-platform multiplayer?

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth features competitive, cross-platform multiplayer. This means Steam players on any supported platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) may play with anyone else on any of those supported platforms.

So the game will feature cross-platform gameplay, but the game is only going to be available for PC at first?

  • Correct. Cross-platform multiplayer may not always be available with players on Windows, including the initial time of launch. There may be times when the Windows version of the game receives an update prior to the Mac and Linux versions of the game; this will temporarily prohibit Mac and Linux players from playing with Windows PC players. Once the Mac and Linux versions of Civilization: Beyond Earth receive the same update, cross-platform multiplayer with Windows PC will be re-enabled. That said, cross-platform multiplayer between Mac and Linux should always be available, as the update schedule for each should be identical. And, of course, online multiplayer with players on the same platform will also always be an option.

Can I sync my Civilization: Beyond Earth save games across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms?

  • Yes, you will be able to do this, but it should be noted that cross-saving between platforms will not be available via the Steam Cloud.  This will ensure saved game data will not be lost or corrupt due to incompatible in-game content or other unforeseen reasons.  Users do have the option of transferring game saves via physical media (like a thumb drive) if they wish.

I’ve accumulated a lot of energy, but don’t know how to spend it on items for a city. How do I spend energy?

  • Click on the city name. This will bring up a new menu. On the top right of the screen, select “purchase” and then spend to your heart’s content.

My Explorer unit is standing on a tile I want him to excavate, but he can’t construct an expedition. What’s going on?

  • Even the best archaeologists need to resupply sometimes. Your Explorer can’t construct an expedition because he has a limited number of expeditions. In order to get more, make him return to your closest city, where he’ll automatically recharge.

Is there a way to select multiple units at once and have them move around the map together?

  • No, at this time there is no way to group units and have them move together.

What do roads do? Is there a reason I should build them?

  • Roads serve two different functions: They make it easier for units to travel over the ground (meaning units can move farther each turn) and provide substantial energy bonuses if you use them to connect your other cities to your capital.

If I want to pursue a particular affinity/attribute with technology, is there an easy way for me to figure out which technologies I should research?

  • Yes! When you bring up the Tech Web, there is a filter at the top left of the screen. Filtering the tech web by specific attributes will show you which technologies directly impact said attributes.

I just saw a message about culture and science penalties. What are those?

  • Culture and science penalties are inflicted when a player’s Health has dropped below a certain level.

Is there a way to keep track of what Wonders have been built by who?

  • There is a prompt at the bottom right of the screen when a competing player builds a Wonder. To keep track of your own Wonders, simply highlight a city and click “show buildings” in the bottom left corner. This will allow you to scroll through all the buildings and wonders that have been created within that burg.

I just agreed to a peace treaty and lost control of one (or more) of my cities. What happened?

  • Peace treaties can allow you to give away control of a city as part of the settlement with another nation.

I have two cities that are the same rank, but they are growing at vastly different rates. Why is this?

  • Several different factors can influence your city’s growth, but nearby resources within a city’s cultural borders are the most crucial. Enabling the yield icon (the eye icon next to the mini-map at the top right of the screen) lets you view all of the resources your city’s able to harvest. From there, you can micro-manage your city’s development by choosing which specific title’s your city’s population will work. You can also simply just let your city self-develop. Additionally, ordering Workers to build tile improvements on top of eligible titles will increase the yields to of your city and speed its growth.

When should I and when should I not have Workers automatically make tile improvements?

  • Choosing when to have Workers automate and not automate is totally up to you. Workers will generally go for the most lucrative and beneficial improvements, but sometimes the need for a certain expendable resource or road supplants their automation. Players will need to decide when to do this, on a case-by-case basis.

How do I win the game?

  • There are five different ways to win a game of Civilization: Beyond Earth; two of these victories can be earned no matter what Path one pursues, while three are Path-specific. Below are basic descriptions of the various victory types, further details and conditions can be found within the in-game Civilopedia. There is also a Victory tab at the bottom right of the screen that can be useful when pursuing a certain Victory, as it will tell you what you need to do next in order to accomplish that goal.
    • Domination: Essentially, a military victory. If a player captures all the other colony capitals while retaining control of their own, they achieve this victory. Players who don’t have control of their original capital can’t earn this victory.
    • Contact: The player makes contact with a benevolent alien race by discovering certain sciences and building certain Wonders.
    • Emancipation: Achieved by players pursuing the Supremacy Path. The player constructs a warp gate and sends a “liberation army” back to Old Earth.
    • Promised Land: Earned via the Purity Path. The player constructs a warp gate and brings the population of Old Earth through to the “promised land” of the new world.
    • Transcendence: The option for players on the Harmony Path. This victory is earned when a player triggers the merging of the planet’s latent sentience with the consciousness of all living things.