[PC/Mac/Linux] Civilization: Beyond Earth Cross-Platform Compatibility

BY 2K Mike



With Civilization: Beyond Earth now available on Mac (and Linux soon), a common question is whether or not you will be able to engage in multiplayer games even if you and your friends are on different platforms. 

The short answer is, yes. Cross-platform multiplayer is a feature baked into Civilization: Beyond Earth. 

However, cross-platform multiplayer is only an available feature so long as all versions of the game are compatible.

There may be times when the Windows version of the game receives an update prior to the Mac and Linux versions of the game; this will temporarily prohibit Mac and Linux players from playing with Windows PC players. Once the Mac and Linux versions of Civilization: Beyond Earth receive the same update, cross-platform multiplayer with Windows PC will be re-enabled.

We have the latest versions of Civilization: Beyond Earth listed below. If all three versions are identical, then cross-platform play is possible. If the versions aren't identical, you'll need to wait for Mac and Linux to be updated before you can play with Windows  players.