Issues Currently Being Addressed in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

BY 2K Mike



The development team is aware of -and is investigating- the following issues in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

We will update this list as new issues are encountered and old ones are solved

PC Hot Fixes (as of 1/6/15)

  •  (Holodome DLC) Addressed an issue where players could not complete round five of the "Digistructed Madness" mission if it was failed during the Vault opening sequence ("Stay away from the light" objective is active).
  •  (Holodome DLC) Tweaked the rewards for Holodome missions to include more Holodome-specific items as potential rewards.
  •  (Holodome DLC) Class Mods earned in The Holodome can now be used in the Grinder.
  •  (Holodome DLC) Class Mods earned in The Holodome should now properly modify skills and stats.
  •  (Holodome DLC) Fixed a rare issue issue where clients were encountering a crash when joining host in the menu.
  •  Miscellaneous other bug fixes, including an issue where experience and money rewards were being shown incorrectly in Holodome.

Game Crashes on PCs 

  • We've become aware of a potential issue that may cause Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to freeze and crash on certain PCs using various graphics cards. The dev team is looking into this and we hope to have an update soon.

Loyalty Rewards Badass Rank

  • The team is aware that some players are not receiving the game's Loyalty Rewards achievement. This should have been solved by the game's Day 1 Patch, but it appears that some players may still be encountering the issue.

Progression blocker at Deadlift's lair in Regolith Range during the mission "Marooned" 

  • Our engineers are aware of this issue and are investigating possible resolutions. For the time being, you might try reloading the map, and entering the gated area while sprinting, as this has been known to fix the issue for most users.

Progression blocker at "The Beginning of the End"

  • It’s come to our attention that some users may be unable to progress past the "Pass through the breach" objective of the "The Beginning of the End" during their second playthrough. Our engineers are aware and are currently investigating. In the meantime, members of our community have found that by joining a multiplayer game with another user on the same mission, or having another player join in to their game, they were able to successfully progress past the objective. 
  • To discuss this with other members of the Borderlands community, please check out these threads on the official Gearbox forums: