Fall Update Patch Notes

BY 2K Mike



Hello, folks! We’re happy to report the first major patch for Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available.

This is a sizable update, so we're breaking the information about what's been specifically changed into sections to make it easier to sift through.


Wonders and Buildings:

  • Holon Chamber provides 3 Science, 4 Energy (was 5 Science)
  • Mind Stems cannot be bought with Energy.


  • Any diplo item can now be traded in exchange for a peace treaty
  • Lump Energy trade requires a Cooperation Agreement.


  • Water trade routes no longer receive any increased yield.
  • Revised trade route formula for city-to-city trade, with reduced yields.
  • Trade Depots can no longer be purchased with Energy.


  • Clearing a friendly alien nest now removes the Xenomass resource from player stockpile.
  • Adjusting passive recovery rate for alien opinion to be slower, to permit easier aggression escalation.

Covert Ops:

  • Establish Network now has 0 difficulty and produces 0 intrigue.  This prevents players from exploiting it to increase intrigue.

Health effects balancing:

  • From -20 to -70, Production is penalized -1% per point (up to -50%).
  • From -15 to -65, enemy Covert Ops Intrigue is increased +2% per point (up to +100%).
  • From -10 to -60, Science is penalized -1% per point (up to -50%).
  • From -5 to -55, Culture is penalized -1% per point (up to -50%).
  • From 0 to -50, Outpost Growth is penalized -2% per point (up to -100%).
  • From 0 to -50, City Growth is penalized -2% per point (up to -100%).
  • From 1 to 5, nothing happens.
  • From 5 to 25, Production bonus +1% per point (up to +20%).
  • From 10 to 30, enemy Covert Ops Intrigue is decreased -2% per point (up to -40%).
  • From 15 to 35, Science bonus +1% per point (up to +20%).
  • From 20 to 40, Culture bonus +1 per point (up to +20%).
  • From 25 to 45, City Growth bonus +1% per point (up to +20%).
  • From 25 to 45, Outpost Growth bonus +2% per point (up to +40%).


  • Eudaimonia (Tier III Prosperity virtue) now provides -15% less Unhealth (was -25%)
  • Learning Centers now provides +1 Science for Academies (was +2)

Game Setup

  • Kozlov Ability: Orbital units last 50% longer, +50% Petroleum resource (was Orbital units last 20% longer and first launch grants free technology)
  • Barre Ability: +10% Growth when Healthy, all cities start with an Old Earth Relic  (was +10% Growth when Healthy)
  • Rejinaldo Ability: Melee units +10% Strength, all units +5 Heal when fortified (was +10% Melee combat strength)
  • Elodie Ability: provides 1 free Virtue for every 10 Virtues earned normally through Culture (was 1 free Tech for every 10 Virtues earned in any way)
  • Aristocrats now provide +4 Energy per City (no Health bonus)
  • Artists now provide +3 Culture per City (no Health bonus)

Tech Web:

  • Clear Miasma now unlocks on Ecology (was Alien Biology)
  • Miasmic Repulsor now unlocks on Alien Biology (was Ecology)
  • Array Science bonus now unlocks on Astrodynamics (was Orbital Automation)
  • Planet Carver now unlocks on Orbital Automation (was Astrodynamics)
  • Markov Eclipse now unlocks on Transcendental Math (was Artificial Intelligence)


  • Station start turn base is now 30 (was 20)
  • Station minimum allowed distance to another station is now 2 (was 3)
  • Station minimum allowed distance to a city is now 6 (was 5)
  • Station minimum allowed distance to an outpost is now 5 (was 3)

Affinity Perks:

  • Harmony level 1 grants Miasma Immunity to the Explorer unit (was Alien opinion recovers twice as quickly)
  • Purity level 1 adds double combat strength when defending to Explorer unit (was Aliens cannot attack Explorers)


  • Affinity rewarded as a quest reward now ramps up slowly over the first 100 turns (on standard). This ramp will vary with game speed.
  • All players now get affinity quests within 1 turn of each other. If it's not possible for all players to receive a quest at the same time, the game waits until this is possible, then immediately gives all players a new affinity quest.
  • Autoplant Building Quest grants bonus Production (was +1 Trade Route)


  • Explorers now have 6 combat strength (was 3).
  • Sea units now follow the same rules for ranged combat defense as all other units: they use the highest of their combat values (ranged combat or melee combat) when calculating defense.
  • Combat Rover unit can no longer fortify, and no longer receives defense bonuses from the terrain it is on.
  • Raising the secondary level requirement for the hybrid upgrades of affinity units:
    • First affinity unit (ex. Xeno Swarm) now upgrades at level 10 of main affinity and level 4 of secondary affinity (was 10+2)
    • Second affinity unit (ex. Xeno Cavalry) now upgrades at 12+5 (was 12+3)
    • Third affinity unit (ex. Rocktopus) now upgrades at level 14+6 (was 14+4)
    • Fourth affinity unit (ex. Xeno Titan) now upgrades at level 16+7 (was 16+5)
  • Lowering strategic resource costs for many affinity units, to ensure consistency across affinities and make top tier units easier to build. The first affinity units require 1 strategic, the second require 2, the third require 3, and the fourth require 5.
    • CARVR now costs 2 Firaxite (was 3)
    • Rocktopus now costs 2 Xenomass and 1 Floatstone (was 3 Xenomass and 1 Floatstone)
    • LEV Tank now costs 3 Floatstone (was 4)
    • SABR now costs 3 Firaxite (was 4)
    • Xeno Titan now costs 5 Xenomass (was 7)
    • LEV Destroyer now costs 5 Floatstone (was 7)
    • ANGEL now costs 5 Firaxite (was 6)
  • Increased production costs of upgraded Combat Rovers and Missile Rovers:
    • Combat Rovers now cost 80, 160, 260, 370 (was 80, 140, 220, 320)
    • Missile Rovers now cost 100, 190, 290, 400 (was 100, 180, 270, 370)
  • Lowering combat strength progression of Combat Rover:
    • Combat Rover combat strength progression is now 12, 18, 28, 52 (was 12, 18, 32, 52)
  • Changes to the combat strength of affinity units, to make non-upgraded ones more weak in general:
    • Xeno Swarm now has 22 combat strength at start, 54 when upgraded (was 34, 54)
    • Xeno Cavalry now has 36, 72 (was 48, 72)
    • Rocktopus now has 60, 92 (was 60, 82)
    • Xeno Titan now has 86, 114 (was 96, 114)
    • Battlesuit now has 24, 66 (was 40, 66)
    • Aegis now has 34, 34 double strike (was 40, 40 double strike)
    • LEV Tank now has 44, 77 (was 52, 77)
    • LEV Destroyer now has 74, 104 (was 84, 104)
    • CNDR now has 24, 63 (was 38, 63)
    • CARVR now has 38, 76 (was 50, 76)
    • SABR now has 52, 86 (was 58, 86)
    • ANGEL now has 78 with 78 melee, 102 with 88 melee (was 88 with 88 melee, 102 with 102 melee)


  • Once the game is in Extended mode (after the player clicks the One More Turn button) the AI will now only pursue Domination.
  • Warmonger threat per city acquisition is now capped.
  • Warmonger calculation now scaled down when cities are taken by Sponsors that are reacting to a war that was declared upon them (that is, when that civ is not the aggressor).
  • Adjusted AI bonuses on higher difficulty levels.
  • Additional AI tuning, improvements, and tweaks.

Gameplay Feedback:

  • Implemented anonymous gameplay telemetry for design feedback.



Settings and Game Setup:

  • The menu now displays EQAA modes instead of MSAA modes if in Mantle version and the GPU supports EQAA.
  • Added option to disable UI/Map blur.
  • The player is now informed that enabling max turns disables victory achievements.


  • Previous trade routes appear in their own category at top of trade route chooser

City/Production UI:

  • Adding Health tooltip help in City View to explain health sources and population cap
  • City production pop-up now shows the last item completed.
  • Increased city renaming from 15 character max to 23 character max.


  • Allow "One More Turn" after the default win conditions (Contact, Promised Land, Emancipation, Transcendence, Domination, Time), added text to defeat screen explaining how you were defeated.
  • Option to make minimap opaque
  • ESC leaves orbital mode instead of raising in game shell menu
  • Added a badge to covert ops button in the action corner which will show up, and a warning to the covert ops panel when a player has any cities with high intrigue.
  • Tech web - adding color underlays to building and wonder types.
  • Added additional Advisors for trade convoy and trade vessel. 
  • Added support for third party wars in diplo overview.
  • Full touch/gesture and pen support added (Ultrabook, Surface Pro, etc.).


  • Setting the internet server browser list distance filtering to worldwide.
  • All players are notified when anyone completes a victory wonder.
  • Multiple improvements to stability.


  • 2D fallback image now supported for leaders on all video quality settings, not just the lowest.
  • Added the ability to mod Quests.

Bug Fixes

  • Embarked workers can now correctly repair pillaged improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where Max turns was getting set on "Reload", causing achievements to not fire.
  • Fixed bug where victory achievements would only unlock for the first player on a team.
  • Fixed empty trade requests that could occur during the AI turn.
  • Fixed multiple Quest issues (quest tracking, information, and reward bugs).
  • Fixed multiple issues with screen resolution on specific displays (like the 144Hz full-screen issue), and a Mantle issue causing the game to not display on the correct screen.
  • Setting MaxTurns only affects timed victory conditions.  For a timed victory, you must either not set MaxTurns (of which, there will be a default for the game speed), or set it to 100+ turns. All other victory conditions can be achieved regardless of max turns.
  • Friendly aliens no longer blockade cities.
  • Fixed some specific issues with resources not appearing properly in the player stockpile.
  • Many additional bugs and crashes addressed based on community feedback. Thank you!