2K Mobile/Social Game Shutdown Info

BY 2K Mike



Hello everyone,

As of May 3, 2015, 2K has shut down the following mobile/social games:

  • Grid Block
  • Herd Herd Herd
  • House Pest
  • Turd Birds
  • Beejumbled
  • Sensei Wars

We know you probably have some questions about this, so please consult the information below. If you need more information, please feel to reach out to us:

When were these games officially shut down?

  • Game servers for all of the above titles were turned off on Sunday, May 3, 2015.  

Will I still be able to play any of these games after the servers are shut down?

  • You will still be able to play Grid Block, Herd Herd Herd, House Pest, and Turd Birds beyond the shutdown date, but your gameplay experience will be affected. Beejumbled will be playable beyond the server shutdown, with one of the helpers being free (this will allow players to continue playing on their own). Sensei Wars will no longer be playable after this point.

Will I still be able to make in-app purchases in these games?

  • The last date you can make an in-app purchase for any of these games will be March 4, 2015. You will retain your current, active balances until May 3, 2015 (when the servers will be taken offline). 

So I won't be able to purchase in-game currency after March 4, 2015?

  • Correct.

So what should I do with any in-game currency remaining in my account?

  • While the aforementioned titles are still online, you will be able to use any remaining in-game currency that still exists in your account (even after the March 4 purchase deadline). 

What happens to any in-game currency left in my account when the game servers go offline?

  • Any in-game currency that you've purchased but haven't spent by May 3, 2015 will expire. We won't be offering refunds or currency transfers into other titles.

Will I be able to get a refund on the in-game currency I've bought, even if I haven't spent it all by the time the game servers go offline?

  • No. All purchases are final, and (as previously mentioned) we are not able to offer refunds. 

Will Facebook login support stop working?

  • Facebook login support for Beejumbled, Turd Birds, and Sensei Wars will no longer be supported after April 30, 2015.