XCOM: Enemy Unknown FAQ

BY 2K Mike



Hello, Commanders. 

If you have questions about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, take a look at the information below.  

Why can't I manually save in XCOM: Enemy Unknown whilst playing in "Ironman" mode?

  • Please note that Ironman mode is a more challenging mode of playing for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  The ability to manual saves and the ability to create multiple saves have been disabled by design in this challenge mode.

What iOS devices can play XCOM: Enemy Uknown?

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a graphically rich game with advanced features that is best experienced on the 4th Generation iPad and up.  To optimize your playing experience, you may also want to turn off other apps before playing for best results.

How do I control the camera angle and elevation in iOS?

  • There are four buttons located on the bottom-left side of the screen that can control the camera in-game. In addition to the touch controls for the camera, these buttons can be used to raise the elevation of the cursor, and to rotate the camera.

Can I save games to iCloud?

  • Please note that iCloud saving will only work while the device is connected to the internet.  While disconnected, you will not be able to access (either load or save) your XCOM: Enemy Unknown cloud saves. 

Why am I not earning achievements anymore after I recruit an Easter Egg character on PC?

  • Please note that unlocking any "Easter Egg" character in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, will disable achievements for that save file.  To continue earning achievements, please start a new game without these characters. 

Why can I only select North America or Europe for my starting area?

  • Only North America and Europe can be chosen as a starting location when starting the game with the Tutorial.  If you would like to start in South America, Asia, or Africa, please start a new game with Tutorial disabled.