How To Install A 2K Game From A Disc

BY 2K Mike



If you're installing a 2K game on your PC but are using a disc, you should be aware that the disc installation will still install the title via Steam. 

That may raise a couple of questions from you, but don't worry: We've put this post together to walk you through the process. 

For this example, we'll be using a disc copy of Mafia II. Please follow the steps below to install your game:

  1. Double-click on the install disc. 
  2. Double-click SetupLauncher.
  3. The installer will launch. Choose which language you'd like for the installation to run with. 
  4. In installation window, choose "Install Mafia II". 
  5. Once you've read through the License Agreement, click the button stating you accept the terms 
  6. Enter your Steam Activation Key, which is found  on the back of your game's instruction booklet. 
  7. Choose where you want to install your copy of the game. Then click "Next".
  8. Read the Limited Software Warranty and License Agreement, then click "Next" if you agree. 
  9. Install the game.
  10. Click "Finish".