BY Colleen



World Domination waits for no one...
As of September 16, 2023, Civilization VI will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass.
Now, what does this mean?
First, and most importantly, if you wish to continue playing Civilization VI on Xbox or PC like you did with your Game Pass, you’ll need to purchase the game if you haven’t already.
  • If you’ve purchased any of the DLC for Civilization VI, you will not lose it! Keep in mind that if you don’t own the game itself, you will lose your access to the DLC until you purchase the base game.
  • You do get a discount on the game if you have an Xbox Game Pass Membership, however, these discounts cannot be combined with other offers and will only last for as long as the game is still on Game Pass, so get it while you can!
If you have any questions about Civilization VI in particular, you are more than welcome to submit a ticket to 2K Customer Support.