BioShock Infinite FAQ

BY 2K Mike



Where can I locate the themes for the collector's edition of Bioshock Infinite for PC?

  • After redeeming the Collector's Edition Upgrade Pack voucher, you will be able to locate these themes in the folder below, on typical Windows PC configurations: 
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BioShock Infinite\PC Themes

I am clicking the button when the tear is selected and nothing is happening.  Am I missing something?

  •  To open a tear, press and hold the use key for 2-3 seconds while looking at it.

I am at the Hall of Heroes and just passed Lady Comstock's memorial.  Elizabeth just slipped through a gate and I now have the option to open a tear to bring in a freight hook.  I press my "use" key and nothing happens.  I am stuck behind the gate.  Help!

  • To open tears, please hold your "use" key for 2-3 seconds while looking at the tear.

Will BioShock Infinite play in 3D using Nvidia 3D Vision, AMD HD3D, or similar 3D PC gaming technology?

  • No, BioShock Infinite does not support 3D modes.

When I launch Bioshock Infinite, I get the following error:  

"The ordinal 345 could not be located in the dynamic link library COMCTL32.dll"

  • The error that you are having is one that is normally associated with trying to launch a DirectX11 game in Windows XP, which does not support DirectX11. Windows XP is not supported for BioShock Infinite.  
  • Vista Service Pack 2 or later is required to run the game.
  • The minimum system requirements for Bioshock Infinite can be found here.

I'm having stability problems with BioShock Infinite and my system uses an AMD Dual Core processor. Can you help?

  • If you are experiencing stability problems with BioShock Infinite and have an AMD Dual Core system, please install the Dual Core optimizer. You can download the AMD dual core optimizer directly from AMD's support site at this link: AMD dual core optimizer

How do I change the graphics options in Bioshock Infinite on PC?

  • By default, BioShock Infinite uses preset graphics options, low, medium, high, etc.  These options can be changed by simply changing the quality to your preferred setting.
  • If you prefer to manually change each of the advanced settings separately, that can be done as well.  To do so, switch the graphics settings from Preset to Custom.  Once the settings are set to Custom, you'll be able to scroll down to find some additional advanced options.  
  • BioShock Infinite has settings for the following:
    • Anti-Aliasing
    • Texture Detail
    • Texture Filtering
    • Dynamic Shadows
    • Post-Processing
    • Light Shafts
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • Object Level of Detail

I'm seeing some visual artifacts during gameplay. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • Some players may experience visual artifacts in BioShock Infinite on ATI cards with older drivers.  For best performance, AMD Catalyst 13.1 is required, and AMD Catalyst 13.2 is recommended.
    • For most desktop PCs, updated drivers can be downloaded directly from AMD
    • For most Laptop PCs, it is recommended to get drivers directly from the system manufacturer.

Does BioShock Infinite have full language packs?

  • Yes, BioShock Infinite is available with full language audio support and subtitles in several languages.  The audio dialogue and subtitles will both play in your preferred language, as determined by your platform settings.

What languages can I play BioShock Infinite in?

  • Copies of BioShock Infinite in most territories will have access to English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish localizations. 
  • Russian, Polish, and Japanese are only available in their respective territories.

I live in a CIS country, will EFIGS localization be available for me?

  • Yes, Russian and CIS copies will also have English, French, German, Italian and Spanish localization.  The same goes for Polish and Japanese copies.

Are save files in BioShock Infinite bound to one specific language?

  • No, you are free to change your system's language at any time. Save files are compatible with any language pack.

How do I change the language that my game plays in?

In general, BioShock Infinite will play in the language detected by the platform's system settings.  On PC, it will play in its detected Steam settings.

How do I change my Xbox 360 console language?

  • To change the language setting on your Xbox 360 console, follow these steps:
    1. Press the Xbox button on your controller, go to "Settings", and then select "System Settings".
    2. Select "Console Settings".
    3. Select "Language and Locale".
    4. Select "Language".
    5. Select the language that you want to use.
    6. The game should now launch in your selected language
    7. More information can be found at the following:
How do I change my PS3 console language?
  • To change the language setting on your PlayStation 3 console, follow these steps:
    1. From the XrossMediaBar (Playstation dashboard), select "Settings" and press X.
    2. Select "System Settings" and press X.
    3. Select "System Language" and press X.
    4. The menu will present a list of available languages to choose from. Select the language of your choice and press the X button to confirm.
    5. The game should now launch in your selected language.
    6. More information can be found at the following:
How do I change my Steam language on PC?
  • In Steam, the language setting can be changed by either changing the global language settings for your Steam Client, or by changing the properties for just this game.  To change the language settings specific to BioShock Infinite in Steam, follow these steps:
    1. Log into your Steam account
    2. Right click on BioShock Infinite from the Steam game library and choose "Properties".
    3. Go to the "Language" tab.
    4. Select the language you wish to use from the drop-down menu.
    5. Click "OK".
    6. Upon launching the game, Steam will download and install the required language files.
    7. Once the language files are installed, you should be able to launch the game in your preferred language.
    8. More information can be found on the following page:

Where are my game save files located?

  • In case you have to back up your save files for BioShock: Infinite, by default, they can be found in the following location:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\{########}\8870\remote\savedata
  • Note: {########} will be a string of 8 or 9 numbers which are unique to your Steam profile.
  • The exact directory may change slightly, based on where Steam is installed on your machine, but the folder location should remain constant, relative to the main Steam directory.

Why are the newspaper articles in Industrial Revolution talking about my recent support for one faction, even though I've mostly supported the other?

  • Your choices over the course of the entire game will affect which faction rewards you earn when you complete Industrial Revolution. However, if your most recent activity—since the last newspaper article—has been in favor of one faction or another, you’ll see that choice reflected in your next newspaper.

I've finished Industrial Revolution, and I gave all my support to one faction. Can I play it again in order to unlock all of the faction-specific rewards for the other faction?

  • Alas, you cannot. Your decisions are important. Every choice you make in Industrial Revolution is permanent! But you can always replay the puzzles, just for fun.

How do I unlock the Comstock China Broom and the Comstock Bird’s Eye?

  • The Comstock China Broom Shotgun and the Comstock Bird’s Eye Sniper Rifle are exclusive items that can be earned only by pre-ordering BioShock Infinite at a specific retailer and redeeming your BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution code. They cannot be unlocked by completing levels in BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution.

I purchased BioShock Infinite for multiple platforms. Can I use one Industrial Revolution account to get rewards on all of them?

  • Yes, you can link any and all pre-order codes you have to a single Industrial Revolution account. Once you've signed up with your initial pre-order code, log in to Industrial Revolution. Then go to “My Account” (linked above) and enter any additional codes you may have. Your Industrial Revolution progress will then be linked to any platform you have entered the code from. You will have to log out and log back in to see it reflected in game.

I’ve unlocked rewards for BioShock Infinite in Industrial Revolution. How do I claim them in my game?

  • On the day that BioShock Infinite is available, we will email you a one-time-use code to claim your rewards. You will also be able to access this code here on this website by clicking the “My Rewards” button.

How do I change my password or account settings in Industrial Revolution?

  • If you're logged in to Industrial Revolution, you can change your password by going to “My Account” in the header. If you are unable to log in, there is a “Lost Password” button on the login screen. It will send a link to the email address we have on file. Check your email, follow the link in it, and you can reset your password.

What is Industrial Revolution?

  • In this BioShock Infinite-themed puzzle game, you assume the role of a factory worker within the sky-city of Columbia. You complete increasingly difficult puzzles in order to support one of two competing factions: the Vox Populi or the Founders.